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What is Pascual?

We are a Spanish family company with a range of more than 200 products, 6 plants, 26 offices and more than 2,200 employees. Our main activity is the preparation, packaging, distribution and sale of milk, dairy products, water, plant-based drinks, coffee and healthy products, among others, through our brands Leche Pascual, Bezoya, Bifrutas, Vivesoy, Mocay, Pascual Profesional and Essential.

Who is behind Pascual?

When at the age of twelve Tomás Pascual, the youngest of nine brothers, started selling sandwiches in the station canteen in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), he never imagined that in the future he would become Mr Tomás, the founder of Pascual, our company. But he was a non-conformist and he succeeded. Today, more than 50 years later, his children Tomás, Pilar, Sonia and Borja continue his legacy with the same premise and purpose: to do their best for the future of food. Now, the third generation of the Pascual family is starting to take over.

In what ways was the company of 50 years ago similar to the company of today?

Since Pascual was founded in 1969, 50 years have passed in which our society has evolved in a way that was unheard of in the previous centuries. Digital adaptation, Industry 4.0, Big Data and advances in R&D have established new paths in the creation of new products, formats and production systems. Moreover, companies are integrating fundamental aspects such as sustainability, efficiency and climate change into their business strategies, responding to the principles of competitiveness, the future and responsibility. However, throughout these 50 years we have always remained faithful to one way of understanding the company and business: to contribute to social progress by bringing a touch of well-being and quality to people’s lives without sacrificing our values.

How big is your current workforce in Spain?

We currently have 2,200 employees in Spain. With our activity, we generate an economic impact of over €1.3 billion, as well as creating14,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

What brands do you have?

• We are Leche Pascualbecause we give our best in every part of the process to ensure that you receive our best 100% local Animal Welfare milk in increasingly sustainable and planet-friendly packaging.

• We are Bezoyabecause we strive to offer you natural mineral water with very low mineralisation in responsible packaging and 100% recycled plastic bottles.

• We are Bifrutasbecause we are a blend and we want to offer the best of juice and milk with 100% natural ingredients. Because our flavours are for every taste.

• We are Vivesoybecause we are committed to local cultivation, with the help of more than 130 Spanish farming families, because being close to the source of our ingredients is the best way to bring you a top quality product while taking care of our environment.

• We are Mocaybecause we love to take coffee to the next level, we are masters because we know that taste has its place.

• We are Essentialbecause we want to offer you with a healthy juice that is right for each moment of the day and offer you healthier alternatives that help you to take care of yourself and have fun.

• We are Pascual Profesionalbecause we are committed to the hotel and catering industry to provide them with comprehensive solutions, products, training and advice.

What are Pascual’s values?

At Pascual we maintain the core values designed by our founder and those that guide us every day as we perform our work.

Integrity: honest, coherent, consistent and responsible with our stakeholders.

Close relationships: with consumers, customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society as a whole.

Passion: motivation, commitment, excitement and enthusiasm for what we do.

Quality: through excellence and the creation of added value that sets us apart.

Innovation: seeking new and efficient solutions to our current and future needs.

How important is innovation at the company?

Innovation is one of our core values and one of the elements that guides our daily work, it is part of our DNA. We are continuously seeking to innovate in the agri-food sector, both with our products and throughout our value chain.

Are you still a 100% Spanish company?

Our shareholding has not changed and, more importantly, our commitment to Spanish society is firm. We are a 100% Spanish family company. However, we look for the best allies, regardless of where they come from, in both the domestic and international market.

I have an issue with one of your products, who can I talk to?

You can leave us your details here by clicking on the customer service tab, call us on +34 900 509 650 or write to us at consumidor@calidadpascual.com.

I would like to work at Pascual, what can I do?

We invite you to register your CV in the Work with us section of our website and to visit the “View jobs” tab on our LinkedIn page to keep up to date with our job opportunities.

Do you deliver to homes?

At the moment we do not deliver to home addresses. You can find our products in supermarkets, grocery shops, etc.

I would like to become a Pascual customer, what can I do?

You can leave your details here by clicking on the customer service tab.

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