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A partnership with quality


At Qualianza, we are experts in distribution and in being at your side. In order to give you the quality service you deserve, not only do we put our wide range of leading brands at your fingertips, but you will also have a team that will do their utmost to facilitate your efforts, with the fastest and most impeccable customer care. And, of course, all at an extremely competitive price.

In order to provide your business with a comprehensive service and facilitate your work, Qualianza offers you storage, pre-sale and capillary distribution services to third parties, according to agreements centralised with organised chains.

Qualianza addresses the different channels of the sector with a high degree of specialisation. It currently offers its services to the hospitality, traditional food, convenience, vending and OCS (Office Coffee Service) sectors.

Our team of professionals and specialists offer advice and training to optimise customer service. A clear example of this is the specific training provided over the years for a sector as specific as coffee.

Through various agreements with our partners and suppliers, we offer our customers a wide range of commercial assets, including vending machines (cold drinks, hot drinks and snacks), espresso coffee machines (coffee machines, mills) single-serve coffee machines, juice dispensers, refrigerators, etc.


logo pascual

Normal milk, in addition to innovative products, with added calcium, without lactose, in addition to other dairy products. Quality across our product range

logo bezoya

Low mineral content water with an extremely low dry residue, characterised by its original purity and unique composition.

logo bifrutas

Delicious combination of milk and fruit juice. A brand of nutritious soft drinks that provide the energy needed to conquer the world with a great taste.

logo mocay

Mocay has evolved to offer a line of products and a service which responds to the new needs of the hospitality sector, so that its customers enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, imbued with aroma and taste.

logo vivesoy

100% plant-based drinks which help balance diets in a healthy and natural way through its wide range of products.

logo heinz

An international brand in continuous evolution to offer the maximum guarantee of freshness and quality in its sauces.

logo colacao

The leading brand of soluble cocoa. Milkshakes with a unique and unmistakable taste and texture, a classic brought to you by Qualinza which is not to be missed. The original Cola Cao, ready to drink anywhere and anytime.

logo okey

Milkshakes of the highest quality, available in the classic chocolate, strawberry and vanilla varieties, but with a characteristic flavour, valued by the consumer, which makes them stand out.

logo flora

The brand that helps control cholesterol and keep the heart healthy.

logo kellogs

A century-old brand, made with passion, so families start the day with the perfect breakfast.

logo pedras

Portugal’s favourite carbonated water, which offers consumers a perfect experience. From the spring to the table.

logo isabel

Canned fish and seafood, with the highest standards and certifications in quality and food safety. A clear commitment to satisfy the needs of customers and consumers.

logo auara

AUARA, natural mineral water grounded by social and environmental values. It allocates 100% of its dividends to projects to bring drinking water to people who don’t have it, and it is the first brand of water in Europe that manufactures its bottles with 100% recycled material.

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