About us

Over 25 years ago, Pascual began to operate in the international market with a strategy based on an export model that enabled us to achieve a presence in 52 countries throughout the world. We have sold our products on 5 continents and are especially active in Africa and Asia. In these markets, our business model has different phases depending on the potential of each of the countries that we determine together with our local partners.

Nevertheless, and with the aim of evolving the current model, we have recently drawn up a new strategic plan in order to focus specifically on markets where a certain potential has been detected (the Philippines, Angola, the Caribbean and Morocco). Through this model, we intend to accelerate and transform our international presence by generating joint ventures with local partners that enable us to implement full vertical integration in the business.

In this way, local production in third countries is now added to the model based on product exports, especially in the category of yogurts (which the company will maintain and continue to strengthen).


Pascual entered the international market


We began to produce long-life yogurts


We became the first European company to be given AA Certification to sell in the USA


Joint Venture agreement in the Philippines for local production: Asia Brewery


Joint Venture agreement in Angola for local production Refriango

International presence

Pascual operates in 52 countries. We sell and produce our products at a local level on 5 continents.

Countries where Pascual operates

International products


Yogurt drinks


Vegetable drinks


Pascual Flavours 125g

The Pascual Original Yogurt for all the family.
Strawberry, strawberry and banana, banana, fruit salad, vanilla, blueberries, pineapple, lemon, coconut, natural, natural sweetened.

Pascual Creamy 125g

Enjoy the creamiest yogurt. Strawberry, black cherry, apricot and mango, peach and passion fruit.

Pascual Greek 125g

The first long-life Greek-style yogurt. Strawberry, vanilla, natural sweetened.

Pascual Big Day 125g

The snack with everything: yogurt, fruit and cereals. And no need to refrigerate! Strawberry, fruits of the forest

Pascual Light 0% 125g

Low in fat, high in enjoyment. Strawberry, fruit salad.

Pascual Yogikids 125g

Yogikids is a yogurt for kids. Made with Pascual milk, a source of calcium and protein. Strawberry and banana, peach.

750ml Pet bottle format

The same creamy yogurt now ready to drink… With a creamy texture available in three flavours. Strawberry, banana, natural sweetened.

180ml Pet format

The ideal yogurt drink for all the family and a great source of protein and calcium. Strawberry, banana, natural sweetened.

80g Pouch

Discover the NEW Pascual Yogikids with its great flavour and practical format: ideal for kids. Strawberry, strawberry and banana, fruit salad.

Custard 125 g

Discover Pascual custard in two exquisite flavours. Chocolate and vanilla.

Custard Pouch 80g

Discover Pascual custard in a delicious and practical format: ideal for kids. Chocolate.

Crème caramel 100g

Discover Pascual crème caramel in its exquisite flavours. Egg custard, vanilla crème caramel.

Soy drinks 1L

Your favourite 100% vegetable Vivesoy: the healthy option. Soy, unsweetened soy, light soy.

Soy flavours 1L

The combination of our classic soy drink and a touch of flavour turns these vegetable drinks into a unique experience. Chocolate, vanilla, cappuccino.

Other vegetable drinks 1L

An exquisite 100% vegetable Vivesoy oat milk drink. Oats, almonds, nuts.

Soy juices 1L

A refreshing flavour combining the best of fruit juice drinks with top-quality soy. Peach, orange, pineapple, papaya and mango.

Soy juices 250 ml

All the benefits of soy and the best juices make these drinks the best option for your snacks. Peach, orange, pineapple

1L Tetra Brik format

Enjoy a delicious combination of milk and fruit juice with Bifrutas! Tropical, Mediterranean, Pacific

330 ml Tetra Brik format

Enjoy a delicious combination of milk and fruit juice with Bifrutas! Tropical

Pet 188ml

Enjoy a delicious combination of milk and fruit juice with Bifrutas! Tropical.

200ml Tetra Brik

Enjoy a delicious combination of milk and fruit juice with Bifrutas! Tropical