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We are aligned with the main international standards regarding food quality and safety, and we have developed several innovative projects to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, in an attempt to ensure the protection of our products or minimize labour risks, among others.

Nearly a thousand workers across our 6 plants allow us to get over 900 million containers on the market.

Reutilización de la okara Tratamiento de lodos y aguas Gestión de residuos Reducción del desperdicio alimentario Reducción de la huella de carbono

Recycling of insoluble okara

Treatment of sludge and wastewater

Waste management

Reduced food waste

Reduced carbon footprint

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Long-distance logistics

With more than 56,000 truck trips made, our long-distance logistics transported 777,000 tons in 2016, with 1.8 million pallets of Pascual products, employing 50 transportation companies.

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Reduced carbon footprint

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Short-distance logistics

Once the products reach our commercial offices, our short distance distribution company, Qualianza, allows us to effectively and efficiently manage the distribution and logistics of the brands we supply in towns and cities.

In 2016 we had an average of 261 delivery vehicles which transported 240,000 tonnes and travelled 9.2 million kilometres, generating 370 jobs.

More than 2,400 sustainable vehicles with ECO stars five star rating.

Distribution in cities with 100% electric vehicles.

Reducción de huella de carbono

Reduced carbon footprint


We maintain long-term relationships with our allies in HORECA modern distribution, commercial network and international channels.

Over 47,000 clients.

With a commercial network made up of almost 700 people and 27 commercial branches.

282 million euros in capillary distribution invoicing and 317 million euros in modern distribution customer invoicing.

reduccion del desperdicio alimentario

Reduced food waste

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Thanks to the efforts of all the collaborators and stakeholders in this value chain, we offer 13 categories of products suitable for everyone with the focus of improving the quality of life of our 30 million consumers.

reduccion del desperdicio alimentario icono reciclar

Reduced food waste

Ecoembes Recycling of packaging

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