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The Management Bodies and Directive Functions of the Corporation companies must:

Prevent, control and minimise the impact of the activity of their value chain on the environment. Opting for investments or optimising their resources so that their growth is sustainable.

Work alongside the different management areas, whenever necessary, to achieve the above.

Participate proactively in associations and other interest groups that contribute to greater awareness of environmental matters and the improvement of production processes, based on the sustainable management of resources that result in cost reduction.

Promote this attitude of environmental protection among their partners, as well as the operators in the value chain of the sector.

Systematically consider the recognised environmental impacts generated by their processes when making management decisions.

Commit to the reduction of energy consumption, waste, spills and emissions in their activity, which serves as support for customers and consumers, thus contributing to the major global effort of creating a society which is more respectful of the environment.

Define environmental indicators and establish improvement goals in this area in all processes that may have a relevant environmental impact.

Communicate, train and provide the means for each person in their daily activity to take responsibility for the implementation of actions that minimise environmental impact, promoting the responsible use of natural resources, particularly raw materials, water and energy sources.

Promote the provision and use of the most suitable technology in their processes and products, as well as their eco-design.

Promote ongoing improvement through the permanent search for ideas for the efficient use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution.

Promote partnerships and initiatives with shared environmental policies, and with all Stakeholders, especially their suppliers, customers, non-profit organisations, sectoral and consumer associations, public administration, etc.

Identify and describe the environmental impacts in the design, implementation and operation of any process for their proper prevention and control. Not only will the current legal framework be applied to all those processes that, given their relevant environmental impact, are subject to regulation by any public administration, but furthermore, proactive consideration will be given to all additional aspects that are relevant to the rest of the Corporation's Stakeholders.