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Giving our best

We don't make milk, milk is made by cows. Our job is to give our best in every part of the process, to ensure you get our very best milk. With all its flavour. With all its properties.

Animal Welfare Milk

We are the only large producer of animal welfare milk in our 300-plus farms certified by Aenor. From our cows, our best milk.

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Light mineral water

Bezoya is a unique mineral water with very light mineralisation. It has an extremely low dry residue (27 mg/l) which makes it stand out from similar products on the market. One of its main assets: It is also suitable for low sodium diets and for preparing children’s food.

It is sourced in the Sierra de Guadarrama

All our factories are equipped with closed circuit packaging lines eliminating any risk of contamination. The mineral water is collected from an underground deposit, keeping all its qualities and characteristics intact.

Adapts to your needs

Bezoya is available in different formats depending on your specific needs. There are options both for individual consumption and the hospitality sector.

It´s pure

It does not require chemical treatment, it has a stable composition and is safe and healthy to drink.

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Enjoy as a family

Want to enjoy breakfast with your family? What about a Bifrutas for everyone?

Try one with friends

Because if you like it, you like it. Because it's great spending time with friends, but enjoying a Bifrutas with them is even better.

Have one at the bar

Order one at your favourite bar! Discover a new way to serve and enjoy Bifrutas. Now you know, if you like it, you like it!

Your healthy snack between meals

Bifrutas has a unique and refreshing taste. It’s healthy and nutritious thanks to the combination offered by our fruit juice and skim milk. In addition to being healthy and nutritious, it contains Vitamins A, C and E, 0% fat and no added sugar.

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Have it whenever and wherever you want.

With Vivesoy you can enjoy plant-based drinks anytime, anywhere, for breakfast, a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack or even when you’re on the go, with Vivesoy Go glasses which you can take anywhere.

Naturally more enjoyable

Vivesoy offers you the best tasting plant-based drinks on the market, including almond, soy, rice and oat milk.

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Share the coffee culture

Masters of coffee culture. With Mocay Caffé we bring you closer to the world of coffee with a wide experience in the sector, especially in the hospitality sector, so that you can share the culture and the richest coffee tradition.

Quality: The best taste and aroma

Mocay Caffé offers a wide range of products adapted to the needs of both consumers and hoteliers, ensuring that they arrive at their final destination, freshly roasted for you. Quality, aroma and taste, so you can enjoy the perfect coffee.

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The Goods: Your daily dose of health and balance

The Goods is the new plant-based smoothie. A unique combination of fruit, vegetables and ‘superingredients’ in handy packaging to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

Contains more vegetables than fruit!

An investment in your health, designed to improve your well-being with 100% natural ingredients, available in three different varieties.

International products

We are present in over 60 countries, with a broad portfolio based on one common denominator - large-scale quality.

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