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Giving our best

Our cows produce our best milk, and from our milk, we make the best products. At Pascual, we have worked hard for more than 50 years to supply you with the very best. As a result, our value chain guarantees the highest quality across our entire product range.

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Animal Welfare

Each one of our farms and our full range of milks, creams and butters have received Animal Welfare certification from AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification. For us, the better our cows’ welfare, the better our milk will be.

Como empresa comprometida y pionera en Bienestar Animal, mantenemos unos estrictos y rigurosos protocolos con todos nuestros proveedores avicultores, tal y como exige la legislación comunitaria. En este sentido, estamos trabajando en la mejora de sistemas respetuosos de producción y nos comprometemos a que, para 2025, todo nuestro ovoproducto proceda de sistemas alternativos.

Commitment to environmental sustainability

At every step in our value chain, we work hard to reduce our environmental impact. That is why we use packaging made using 89% renewable materials, such as sugar cane and cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests.

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botella bezolla

Bezoya Commitment

The 'Bezoya Commitment' reflects our commitment not to reuse more resources but to use those we already have and to become the most responsible water brand. It is based on five pillars: origin, sustainable packaging, product, sustainable mobility and recycling.

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Origin: taking care of biodiversity.

Bezoya preserves the biodiversity of the environment of its spring located in the Sierra de Guadarrama through the Natura 2000 Network. Likewise, it shows water born from underground aquifers, without any mechanical extraction action.

New, more responsible, environmentally friendly formats

We want to ensure that we always supply the best, so we are constantly innovating to make our products and packaging even more sustainable. That is why we have launched our new 8-litre ‘bag in box’ format, which allows us to use around 60% less plastic per litre of water.

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Sustainable packaging

We have a commitment to build our facilities in a sustainable way, use renewable energy and find a way to reuse our waste.

This year, we will reuse around 7,000 tonnes of plastic - the equivalent of about 280 million 1.5-litre bottles of water. This year, all of our bottles will be made from recycled bottles.

Sustainable mobility

Our commercial vehicles are plug-in hybrids and 100% electric, emitting half the CO2 and 10 times less nitrogen oxides and particles than the average vehicle in Spain.


We have set ourselves the goal of giving endless life to our bottles, which are 100% recyclable. This year, all our bottles will be made from 100% recycled plastic.

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Two ranges for twice as much enjoyment

Adapted for today’s needs but loyal to its roots, you can still enjoy the taste of Bifrutas in its 4 classic flavours (Tropical, Mediterranean, Pacific and Ibiza).

Try the new Bifrutas, with vitamin C and 100% natural ingredients, in a small 240 ml bottle, a large 750 ml bottle or a 200 ml pack - ideal for when you’re on the go.

manzana piña bifrutas zero zumo azul bifrutas

The most sustainable product in its category

Our original range is packaged using Tetra Brik packaging featuring a plant-based cap and made from 75% renewable materials. We also use plastic pack rings made from around 50% recycled plastic, representing a saving of 29 tonnes of plastic. Furthermore, we have also substituted our plastic straws for cardboard ones, saving 42 tonnes of single-use plastics.

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100% local cultivation

We have obtained the AENOR 'Origin guaranteed' seal which recognises that all our crops are 100% locally grown.

Vivesoy is the only brand of vegetable drinks with 100% local cultivation (oats, soya, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts).

We have been working with 150 Spanish farming families for more than 16 years.

Quality and flavour very close to you

The proximity to the origin of our ingredients is the guarantee to bring you a top quality product. We work closely with our farmers, advising them on the care and management of their crops.

vivesoy avena

Committed to the environment

We focus all our efforts on minimising the impact on the planet, which is why today all our crops are very close to our farms (Castilla y León, Extremadura, Basque Country, Aragón, Navarra and Catalonia). We travel fewer kilometres, reducing our carbon footprint and the gases emitted into the atmosphere during transport.

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What unites us

Hands are really important to us because of their wisdom, expertise and precision. They’re capable of doing magic, of giving their best. That’s what unites us. That’s why our hands are always open to help, support, and teach. To create encounters around a cup. If you want to take your coffee to the next level, leave it in our hands.

Talent, method, inspiration

Making the best coffee requires technique and instinct. It’s the perfect bean, carefully selected, with the sweetness and acidity of the highest quality coffees. And it’s also precision, excellence and the choice of a 100% Arabica coffee, from the most exotic origins. A range for those who want to be coffee experts.

Dedication. Technique.

And taking care of the details... a smile, a greeting, a conversation. Everything that inspires you as a professional. Like our range. With a perfectly-balanced cup. Full-bodied and with an intense aroma and flavour. A Professional coffee for Professionals.

The best coffee, ready to drink at home

We now offer 100% compostable capsules, thereby closing the circular economy and making this single-serve range completely sustainable.

We also have two new RTD (Ready to Drink) packs - cappuccino and café latte - which combine Pascual Animal Welfare milk with Maestro de Mocay 100% Arabic coffee.

You can also now buy them on our Amazon online store

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Pascual Profesional

Pascual Professional is a new, exclusive brand focused on providing complete solutions to the hospitality sector. These include industry-adapted products, value-added services, specially tailored solutions, seamless, environmentally friendly distribution, training and consultancy services. Because supplying the best means satisfying the complete delivery, from start to finish.

Pascual Profesional ofrece además al hostelero una plataforma relacional, más allá del e-Commerce, donde incluimos tanto productos como servicios. Queremos ser un aliado de referencia, seguir desarrollando una propuesta de valor integral (productos y servicios) y aprovechar las oportunidades del entorno digital.

Pascual Essential nace con la idea de trabajar siempre en una propuesta saludable y adaptada a cada momento del día. Zumos y referencias sin azúcar añadido en toda nuestra gama de alimentación para ofrecerte alternativas más saludables con las que cuidarte y disfrutar, así como una amplia variedad de sabores disponibles en restauración.

Queremos que nos encuentres en tu día a día, cuando bajas a desayunar a tu bar de siempre, cuando tienes prisa y pasas por la tienda de alimentación de debajo de casa… En cada uno de esos momentos, queremos ofrecerte el mejor producto y en el envase adecuado para que sigas tu vida a tu ritmo.

International products

We are present in over 60 countries, with a broad portfolio based on one common denominator - large-scale quality.

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