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Giving our best

We don't make milk, milk is made by cows. Our job is to give our best in every part of the process, to ensure you get our very best milk. With all its flavour. With all its properties.

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Animal Welfare Milk

Our more than 300 farms are certified in Animal Welfare by AENOR.
From our cows the best milk.

Commitment to environmental sustainability

We strive to reduce our environmental impact at every stage of the value chain. Therefore, we use packaging that minimizes the environmental impact made from materials that come from renewable sources such as sugar cane and cardboard from forests managed under responsible criteria.

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botella bezolla

Bezoya Commitment

The 'Bezoya Commitment' reflects our commitment not to reuse more resources but to use those we already have and to become the most responsible water brand. It is based on five pillars: origin, sustainable packaging, product, sustainable mobility and recycling.

botella bezoya

Origin: taking care of biodiversity.

Bezoya preserves the biodiversity of the environment of its spring located in the Sierra de Guadarrama through the Natura 2000 Network. Likewise, it shows water born from underground aquifers, without any mechanical extraction action.

Product: sustainable packaging with less impact

We launched 330 and 500 ml bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. This year 2020, in addition, the 5-liter carafes will be 100% made of recycled plastic and the 1.5-liter bottles will be 50% made of recycled plastic. And in 2022 all our bottles will be made of rPET.

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Sustainable packaging

We are committed to the sustainable construction of our plants, the use of energy from renewable sources and we work to give a second life to our waste.

Sustainable mobility

Our commercial vehicles are plug-in hybrids and 100% electric, emitting half the CO2 and 10 times less nitrogen oxides and particles than the average vehicle in Spain.


We aim to achieve infinite lives for our bottles, which are 100% recyclable in the yellow container. This 2020 we have a goal of returning 187 million 1.5 litre bottles to the cycle. In 2022 all our bottles will be recycled.

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Bifrutas naranja

Enjoy as a family

Want to enjoy breakfast with your family? What about a Bifrutas for everyone?

logo bifrutas

Try one with friends

Because if you like it, you like it. Because it's great spending time with friends, but enjoying a Bifrutas with them is even better.

manzana piña bifrutas zero

Have one at the bar

Order one at your favourite bar! Discover a new way to serve and enjoy Bifrutas. Now you know, if you like it, you like it!

zumo azul bifrutas

Your healthy snack between meals

Bifrutas has a unique and refreshing taste. It’s healthy and nutritious thanks to the combination offered by our fruit juice and skim milk. In addition to being healthy and nutritious, it contains Vitamins A, C and E, 0% fat and no added sugar.

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judias avena almendras vivesoy soja

100% local cultivation

We select the seeds and take care of them from the origin to ensure that they are planted, grown and harvested in the best conditions, guaranteeing our best quality and taste.

We are a big family

We promote the work of 136 farming families, generating employment in rural areas, advising on crop care and management and fostering the local economy.

We take care of the planet

We focus all our efforts on minimizing the impact on the planet and that is why today all our crops are very close, traveling our country from north to south and doing less kilometers to reduce the carbon footprint and the gases emitted into the atmosphere.

We guarantee the highest quality

We monitor and analyse everything very closely, from seed to packaging.

vivesoy avena

We are committed to innovation.

Our consumers can now enjoy our best soya, almond and nuts without sugar and oats without added sugar, all of which are 100% locally grown. We adapt to the needs of consumers and guarantee the best taste.

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grano cafe mocay maestro mocay profesional mocay barista barista maestro profesional

What unites us

Hands are really important to us because of their wisdom, expertise and precision. They’re capable of doing magic, of giving their best. That’s what unites us. That’s why our hands are always open to help, support, and teach. To create encounters around a cup. If you want to take your coffee to the next level, leave it in our hands.

Talent, method, inspiration

Making the best coffee requires technique and instinct. It’s the perfect bean, carefully selected, with the sweetness and acidity of the highest quality coffees. And it’s also precision, excellence and the choice of a 100% Arabica coffee, from the most exotic origins. A range for those who want to be coffee experts.

Dedication. Technique.

And taking care of the details... a smile, a greeting, a conversation. Everything that inspires you as a professional. Like our range. With a perfectly-balanced cup. Full-bodied and with an intense aroma and flavour. A Professional coffee for Professionals.

Authentic, genuine, natural.

Attention to detail. The preparation, a suggestion tailor-made for you. Careful roasting for the perfect development of each bean. The aroma and natural flavour of a great coffee selection. The Barista range. For those whose passion for coffee grows every day.

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International products

We are present in over 60 countries, with a broad portfolio based on one common denominator - large-scale quality.

Get to know them
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